Real Men Speak, Inc. was born on October 27, 2007 out of a study group and informative feedback at the home of George Stevenson. George was working from Proverbs 12:14, when he was moved to share the philosophy of the scripture, "A man will be satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth".


Today, CEO George Stevenson heads up Real Men Speak, Inc. a non-profit organization that is geared towards helping men in the same way but with more advanced methods than in 2007. Real Men Speak, Inc. has a mission to help men understand that "Options Are Made Available", by speaking to men about their strengths and weaknesses. One way George does this is by implementing and broadcasting the radio show, "Real Men Speak".


This is the place where men come from all walks of life and speak about the things that they cannot speak out in public and/or in private. The show has topics that encourage men to open up in the conversation and supports them to feel free to join in. The show is in its third year and continues to grow stronger with each passing year.