Real Men Speak, Inc.
Making Options Available.
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Our purpose is to help men in the community by providing comprehensive help to men that have lost the sense of hope of better livelihood because of wrong choices in their lives. We aim to provide them with a place to heal and help them rebuild their lives. Real Men Speak, Inc. is an outreach nonprofit organization eager to provide outreach re-entry initiatives to youth and young men needing help in our community nationwide. We aspire to help revive and restore good morals and etiquette in men of all age groups.

We intend to provide counseling, educational awareness, prison ministry, work related training, job readiness services and life coach training. We also aim to provide answers to youth daily peer issues needing attention and/or solutions that will help limit or totally eradicate the high rate of incarceration in our nation.  

George Stevenson, CEO
Real Men Speak, Inc.
Making Options Available​
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